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 Qalam Library on Windows Operating System

A Cultural Gate to the Most Comprehensive Islamic Electronic Library in the Form of Text and Pdf Documents

Some features of Qalam Library:

User Notes: The user can write notes on every page of the book and classify it in his application

Updating the Library You can update the application whenever the website of Qalam Library is updated

Search The possibility of searching for book titles, authors, and even the contents of all of the books

The list of the books It contains a list of books, and an abstract for each book, as well as its cover and table of contents

Software Update You can update the application to its latest version

Taking a backup version You can take a backup from the application and restore it to its previous version

Incoming Messages The manager of Qalam Library can send messages to the users and they can receive it from here

News The new release of “Qalam Library” newsletter

Picture Display:

The list of the books

Displaying the books in alphabetical order

Diplaying the books according to their authors

Displaying the books according to their subjects

The book details


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