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 Qalam Library in Apple Store and Google Play

A Cultural Gate to the Most Comprehensive Islamic Electronic Library in the Form of Text and Pdf Documents

Library books are available on the Qalam website in text format, and the reader chooses what suits him for his personal library. So they can download the books onto their library application where it is available wherever needed.
This application offers many benefits and services to facilitate the reading process and improve the user experience, including: showing Qur’anic texts in Hafs scrip along with specific symbols, the possibility of changing background color, font size and style and etc.

Qalam Library on Windows Operating System

 Qur’an Tab in Microsoft Word

A comprehensive software to look for Ayahs and insert them in the Word documents using the elegant Hafs calligraphy

  • Pioneering features, such as: selecting font type and style, defining the colors of Ayahs, translation, name of Surahs and number of Ayahs
  • Automatic insertion of Ayahs by writing just the name of Surah and number of Ayahs
  • Compatible with all Windows and Office Versions
  • An easy and straightforward method to insert Qur’anic Ayah(s) using Hafs manuscript Word
  • Searching Qur’an for selected words in the documents quite rapidly
  • The possibility of precise searching in Qur’an and insertion of Ayah(s) in Word documents

  Islam Voice Application (Recitations and Speeches)

More than 500 of famous reciters, and thousands of speeches in Persian language

This application gets its contents from Islam Voice website, and is being updated with it simultaneously. Some of its exclusive benefits include:

  • Listening to Holy Qur’an from hundreds of famous reciters of the Islamic world with 14 different pronunciations
  • Presenting the recitation according to various orders, including: Surah, reciters, and different pronunciations
  • Listening to thousands of Persian religious speeches according to subject or lecturer order
  • Advanced Search by the name of the lecturer, reciter, subject, speech subjects and songs titles
  • You can download audio files and save them into your application. Moreover, it is possible to listen to them without having to download

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